οικονομικη επιστημη μετεωρολογικη σταθμοι δημοσ ελληνικου προκηρυξη βιβλια για αρμονιο αριστερη ιδεολογια
  • Beaches

    κυπριακα ψαρια If there is one thing that Nature generously bestowed upon the island of Thassos, it is the beaches of unsurpassed beauty. Every turn of the regional road reveals yet another view of a unique shoreline waiting to welcome visitors.

    αποσυρση αυτοκινητων αποζημιωση
  • Antiquities

    αρχιτεκτονικη αρχαιων ναων Herodotus, the great historian of antiquity who visited Thassos in the late 5th century BC, said the island took its name from Thasus the Phoenician. Thasus and his brother, Cadmus, set off on an expedition to find their sister, Europa, who had been abducted by Cretan merchants or pirates. A great civilisation emerged in Thassos and waits to be discovered!

    σκουλαρικια με διαμαντια
  • Mountain settlements

    ζωδια δωρεαν The mountain settlements of Thassos are located in an area of rare natural beauty and particular historical and folkloric diversity. Built among lush vegetation, they resisted the passage of time as they witnessed the inhabitants' struggle for survival. Visit them and enjoy a cup of coffee, a meal or an extended stay!

    ηλεκτρονικη αναισθησια
  • Sunsets

    ποια τροφιμα περιεχουν βιταμινη d There is nothing like the sunsets in Thassos. Take a front-row seat and enjoy!

    εθνικη δανεια
  • Churches - Monasteries

    κτηνιατροι στην πατρα Villages and settlements are to be found scattered all over Thassos. And almost everywhere, you will also find churches and chapels. Of special interest are three monasteries – Archangelos Michail (Archangel Michael), Panagouda (Assumption of the Virgin Mary) and Agios Panteleimonas. These are all located in areas of particular natural beauty. They are worth a visit for quiet contemplation.

    ψητοπωλειο ηρακλειο
  • Products

    θερμες περιοχες αφρικης Extra-virgin olive oil, salt-cured "throumba" olives, split and salted olives, honey, spoon sweets (Thassos walnut), herbs, dairy products, seafood and tsipouro (pomace brandy) are some of the locally produced items you can find on the island. Come and enjoy.

    χαρτινες σακουλες



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Beautiful Thassos, the jewel of Macedonia, and its inhabitants welcome you to this website.

κατερινα δημα Thassos is the northern-most island in Greece and lies just opposite Kavala. The distance separating it from Kavala and Keramoti on the mainland is 12 and 6 miles, respectively. The island is accessible by ferry whose schedule, particularly during the tourist season, is as regular as urban transport in the cities. Ferryboats run every 30 minutes during the tourist season and every hour during the rest of the year.

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